Privacy policy

Welcome to the privacy policy page BloggerCause. You can use our blog simply accept following privacy.

Data Collection

We high respect our readers data policy. We serve only blogging information to our readers. We doesn't provide any services from our blog. So, we never ask or collect users Credit card info, personal info or any other secure matter.

But when they contacting use using the contact us page, we only collect their email address and name only. But we always keep their personal information private.

Cookie Policy

We using Google Adsense, Google Analytic to monetize blog and track user stats. For that reason, Google take users cookie in their browsers. Because these helps to increase their experience to our blog.

These cache helps to show relevant ads to their browser. In fact, analytic correctly track their actual information.

Ads on Site

We monetize our blog using following methods:

1. Google Adsense: Adsense most popular and best method to monetize blog. We choose this to show user friendly and related ads. Google never show violate ads for visitors. So, they are safe here.

2. Affiliate Links: When we write review about any paid SEO tools, premium themes or plugins, we may use their affiliate links. Using these links, they get discount and we get commission. But everything will be securely in the third-party website. Because we use only trusted affiliate providers.

3rd Party Links

When we are writing any article about blogging or SEO, we may link external relevant sources. That help to understand whole post easily to readers. In fact, it's one of the SEO signal. We never give any grantee about these 3rd party sources.

But these may help readers to increase their knowledge.

Blog Security

In our blog, readers totally in secure. Because we are using SSL/HTTPS to secure users information. So here they are totally safe and they can easily read any articles, put their comments with email or send contact us email to us.

Thanks for understanding our privacy.