August 20, 2018

100+ High PR DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites 2018

Blog commenting sites allow to share your own website URL. That help to increase your ranking and great SEO score. In fact, that brings lot's referral traffic also. If you write some excellent comment, then many traffic will converted to your blog. That most important point of blogging.
High PR Best Blog Commenting Sites
If you have some quality do follow backlinks, then it direct help to improve your traffic, ranking. In fact, it's one of the off-page search engine optimization chapter. So you must need to make some natural comment. It also help to improve great communication to expert bloggers. Just be regular and make your success blogging career. Once you have approved, then it will be visible forever.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

If you have some quality backlinks from comments, it have following SEO benefits:

- Improve your Google ranking and drive quality traffic

- You got some quality referral traffic from the website. It helps to improve your blog authority.

- Build great relationship between famous blogger and you.

- Increase your blogging experience and learn new blogging methods.

- Get evergreen blog post idea and it's help to write more article to your website.

Before Blog Commenting, You Must Know

Yes, it's important to have some natural comments from various blog. But making spam comments and unnatural links harm for blog SEO health. You must know following things before start your commenting:
  • Write on high page rank blogs and it's most important SEO score
  • Always choose niche related blogs and then comment. Otherwise you will got penalty for irrelevant links
  • Use your real name, email to get instant approval
  • Write an awesome and easily understandable comment
  • After reading whole article, keep an relevant note
  • Ask some question to the author. It help to get approval very fast
  • You can put URL in the box and then submit
  • If possible get backlinks from the comment body using great anchor text
  • It's one of these off page seo techniques and just take care

Nofollow vs Dofollow Comments

You must build both dofollow and nofollow comments. Because it's control your spam score and help to rank fast. There have no SEO value for nofollow links, but also have. Only making do follow backlinks causes for unnatural linking. So, if there have nofollow ration, your blog will save. Google say's to make both of these types linking. It also help to increase page authority. If your blog has 80 comments, then try to keep at least 30 nofollow of them. Otherwise your SEO never increase perfectly.

Best Blog Commenting Sites

If your blog has enough content, some quality traffic or good design, then you're ready. Just select your niche related blogs from bellow and start keeping your valued comments now. Don't forget to write natural comment. Because it's help to get comment approved fast. Go to these Blogging Tips and Tricks Niche website, read article, write your name, write your email address, put your website URL and finally Submit comment.


Just go these site, read articles continue and then put comments. But always follow above these tips to success commenting. Just start your basic search engine optimization by using these best blog sites. If you thought to make more, then you can share using social bookmarking sites.

5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

There are many plugins to backup your blog contents, files or other things. But using these best WordPress backup plugins, always grantee that your blog always save from accidental lost. Sometimes we lost our blog important files, pages or files. But if there have no backup plugin installed, then you lost these things permanently. So you must use following any one plugin to secure your blog files.
Best WordPress Backup Plugins
If you purchase hosting, they offer free limited files backup. But it's not enough. In fact, you must backup your WordPress files with your own care. Because of, no one care your things like yourself. Just install following WordPress backup and restore plugin in your blog and confirm your blog security.

1. My WP Backup Pro

My WP Backup Pro
You need to confirm your blog backup first. Because it's most important part of blogging. If you thing to secure your blog, then you need to use premium WordPress backup plugin. You can choose this plugin for your blog. Because it's premium and have amazing features.

There have multiple backup option to multiple popular storage provider. In fact, you can setup automatically or manual backup to these storage without passing time. In emergency moment, you can restore your files any times. My WP Backup Pro completely offer to migrate your WordPress site easily.

2. Duplicator

Duplicator one of the free WordPress backup plugin. You can backup or restore your WordPress files easiest way. You can reduce server loading time between domain or hosting. Because it's give the 100% percent grantee for your blog. In fact, they also offer Pro features too.

You can manually backup your whole blog or any parts. In fact, you can transfer your WordPress blog to another hosting provider without losing your files. If thought to enjoy free backup plugin for WordPress, just remember this and you will get more benefit.

3. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus one of the most popular and best backup plugin for WordPress. You can simplify your backup or restore files online. If you thought to increase blog security, then you must remember it. Because it's definitive solution for your website. In fact, it's also offer premium features for you.

You can backup or upload your blog unlimited files. There have no additional option requires. Simply install this plugin and let's start backup!

4. BackWPup


If you want to confirm that your blog fully secure, then you must need to use BackWPup free backup plugin for WordPress. Because it's another popular and great plugin to backup or restore your blog files. You can manually secure your whole blog to multiple backup storage sites.

It's build by Germany developers and always good for every bloggers. You can confirm that your blog has no risk. Because there have BackWPup plugin installed. Many success blogger called it as WordPress migration plugin for it's awesome performance.

5. Jetpack

If you need WordPress full backup plugin, then Jetpack the ultimate solution for all time. Because it's the king of plugin in WordPress store. You can now increase your blog security, restore or backup unlimited files without connection lose. For better backup solution, you must have this WP plugin to your blog. In fact, this is official plugin by WordPress. Make your blog completely secure from lost data.

End Words

These free WP backup plugins the good and right choose for your blog. Because it's protect your blog, save from hackers and also increase loading time. If your blog confirms these facilities, then it's the awesome thing for your blogging experience. Never forget this important matter if you are WordPress lover.

Finally I want to said that, these all are great thing for your blog. You can migrate premium if you like there features. But My WP Backup is the best all time. Because it's have greedy features and always give fastest performance.

Your blog will be 100% secure and protected if there have installed anyone of these 5 best WordPress backup plugins. Just decide which you choose or compare there facilities. Then install to your WP blog.

What is Domain Authority (DA) - Complete Guide

Domain Authority (DA) is excellent thing which justify website Search Engine Optimization score. The score provided by MozRank and that notify blog owner that which level is his blog. DA not part of Google SEO but it still important for bloggers. Because it's have many facilities of ranking and indicate bloggers to boost their blog. If you blog have excellent DA, then it's mean you have high rank on Google. In fact, it's shown many things from your website SEO Score.
What is Domain Authority (DA)

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority one of SEO ranking system which depends on various skills. If you backlinking profile strong, have lot's social sharing, perfect linking to high authority blogs, niche related articles, then your DA is excellent. But if there have missing these things, you blog never improve DA score in Moz.

Sometimes, Search Engine Result Page (SERP) also effect on your DA score. If your link profile is not good, but having nice ranking, then your will get good DA score. Every month DA score is updated one or two times. In these times, if your blog lost quality, backlinks or other issues, then you can identify using DA.

What is a Good Domain Authority?

MozRank include 100 score in their algorithm scale. Here's 100 is the best and 0 is the bed. If your blog has less than DA 20, then it's never bring something changes in your SEO. But DA 30-50 is very good score for ranking.

If you have more then DA 50, then it means your blog score is excellent. You have SERPs good position and also have lot's traffic.

How to Check Domain Authority?

Moz has official extension for Chrome to check DA. You also can check it using Open Site Explorer online tool. It's official by MozBar and that's show you the real time and accurate DA point out of 100. You also able to know backlink age, linking pages, anchor text or most ranked pages. To show complete result, you must need to upgrade your free account to pro. But in the free DA checker tool, you able to check daily five times. That's not bad!

Note that, from August 30th 2018, you can't able to check DA by Moz. Because they announced that they will closed permanently.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Although DA is important point of SEO, but it's not Google's official algorithm. Moz analyze whole website linking profile, anchor text strategies, internal linking, important authority sources etc. That also need Google. So, here I share complete method to increase DA.
  1. Write Quality Content: Everyone know that quality content is the king. If you have poor quality articles, modify them and give some changes. Less than 500 words articles always harmful. Publish more 1000 words, avoid copy-paste and it's hidden success of blogging.
  2. Quality Internal Links: During writing your posts, you must linking your post to another related post with proper anchor text. Because it also help to rank well in Search Engine properly.
  3. Linking to High Authority Blogs: Don't forget to link your posts to high authority websites. Because they have authority and that inform Google Bot that you are publishing relevant and quality contents.
  4. Make Strong On-Page: If there have lack to on-page, then you won't able to boost DA score. Just complete your blog on-page optimization and make string pillar. Because it's most and most important part of SEO.
  5. Build Quality Backlinks: Having some niche related quality backlinks with anchor text bring lot's blogging success. You may do some guest post and do natural link building for your money blog.
  6. Update Old Contents: When we published too many posts and they rank well, then we forget old posts. But it's bad habit of blogging. Old contents are gold and you must update them. Because Google also like updated things.
  7. Fix Broken Links: If you blog have some broken links, it's causes to lost your DA. Because they harms your linkprofile and they never give something good. Always check your blog links and if there have any deadlinks, then fix them.
  8. Focus Social Traffic: You blog will get traffic from various sources. But social traffic are important for Search Engine. Because Google link social traffic and if you able to drive lot's from Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, then you able to boost your ranking too. You can install these social sharing WordPress plugins to get huge shares and traffic.


Having good Domain Authority (DA) by MozRank, one of the important thing of blogging. Because this thing help to know the point of your blog SEO position. In fact, it's also help to find your competitors and their important data. That help to challenge them and analyze correctly.

Add Floating Social Share Button for Blogger

Floating social share button for blogger (blogspot) one of the greatest thing. Because that increase huge share and drive lot's traffic from various social media. It's one of the secret on page SEO method to boost your blog visibility on Google. Search engine like social traffic and it's also increase your trust flow. In fact, this is also known the best referral source of traffic.
Floating Social Share Button for Blogger

Is Social Signal Important for SEO?

Of course! There have lot's of benefits of social share and one of the treasure of traffic. If there have no social visitor to your blog, it's biggest SEO mistakes. You must avoid that thing and always love this thing.

Too many social share, too many social signal and too many traffic. If you have this valued this, basically Google think that you have enough content and traffic. Simply your blog will rank first and get huge organic traffic.

Adding Floating Social Media Share Button in Blogger

Now it's time to add social media widget for blogger HTML blog. After successfully adding, your blog are ready for huge share. Because floating share are visible for users under the screen. They able to share directly from here.

#1 Step: Login your blogger dashboard and go to your website. Now you need go to Templates > Edit HTML

#2 Step: Now press Ctrl+F and find </body> tag.

#3 Step: If you got this, then you paste following code before/above the </body> tag:
&lt;script src='//' type='text/javascript'&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
#4 Step: Now Save Template and exit template HTML section and finally you successfully added floating social share widget in blogger.

Alternative Step: You also can add this share button for blogger using Layout option. Go to Layout > Add a Widget > HTML/Javascript > Paste the code in Content area > Save & you are done!

Your Thought

Social traffic one of the biggest and strong thing for Google's algorithm ranking method. If you have this awesome but cool technique, then you are the hero of blogging. Just complete this tutorial step by step and confirm million and million shares. Using this short javascript code, you have successfully added floating share button for blogger. Just publish original content and get more share.

Enable Free SSL (HTTPS) in Blogger Custom Domain

Having a free SSL certificate most important for blog security and also for SEO ranking. In the previous day, blogger doesn't allow HTTPS for their custom domain users. But recently Google updates brings larges change. Now you can use free SSL in blogger custom domain.
Blogger Free HTTPS/SSL Setup
When BlogSpot didn't allow HTTPS, then we need to use CloudFlare free SSL service. But no need it from now. Because blogger give you free and great from now.

Why we need SSL certificate?

There have various reason why actually need HTTPS for our blog. We can use both free or paid SSL service to our blog. In fact, that can't matter for ranking. But we must have a secure HTTPS connection to protect users data (such credit cards info, personal details).

There are various common and definitive cause to use SSL certificate for blogger. Just know them right now:

1) Google brings some major ranking matter for webmasters. You must have an free/premium HTTPS to your blog.

2) When a reader sending some important information to your site (like Credit Card info, Bank details, Email etc) they must need secure for that. Otherwise, their information will be hacked. For that reason, Google bring another algorithm update for SSL.

3) Blogger HTTPS redirect readers to secure, encrypted version of your website. That make them totally safe. If you have enabled HTTPS in Blogspot, then your blog is safe for everyone.

How to Enable Free SSL in Blogspot?

Before using this facilities, you need to activate your Blogger Draft option in settings. For this feature, you must go Settings > User settings > Blogger draft > Yes > Save settings.

Now you are successfully activated this option. But you also can go direct Blogger Draft Here. That no need to activate this feature.

Now step for setup Blogspot Free HTTPS service.

1. Go to settings > Basic > HTTPS.

2. Now go to HTTPS Availability and choose YES.

When you activate this setting, Google show you that requested and pending. So, you need to wait till SSL activation. After activation, you blog automatically show that when anyone visit. To activate that, you need to wait few minutes or hours.

3. After activate the feature, you must select HTTPS redirect. Because when you readers come to it's http version, they automatically redirect to new secure version. So, just choose YES and finally save settings.

4. And finally your blogspot blog now have free SSL certificate by Let's Encrypt. Now you blog readers private information will be secure, SEO ranking will boost fast. However, your blog now completely secure from scammers.

Before Setup SSL/HTTPS, Know Something

1. If you want to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in your running blog, you ranking may be harm for few days. So, be careful for using in your already ranked blog.

2. You traffic will be lost due to ranking lost. So, just keep in mind that matter.

3. If you doesn't want to lost your traffic, ranking etc, you must install SSL before launching website. Because it's gone totally new site and never effect your SEO.

4. You free SSL will be activated automatically by Google. Which provided by Let's Encrypt corporation.

5. If you are using Blogspot free HTTPS, it never shown your company name. Just shown provider name. But don't worry, it's okay. Just carry on.

What you learn?

Blogger (Blogspot) most popular and largest competitors of WordPress. You can start your blog in blogspot and enable free ssl https certificate for custom domain. That save your extra money and increase Google ranking. Just do it perfectly and shine your blogging career. If your blog doesn't have SSL, you can't boost rank on Google. Just activate HTTPS in Blogger and make SEO more advance.

How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution

In featured and free blogger templates, there have footer credit. Most newbie bloggers doesn't know How to remove powered by blogger attribution widget from blogger or blogspot. But you able to hide or delete permanently from your website footer. If you want to make your own brand-able blog, then you must remove it and then start next options.
How to Remove Powered by Blogger

Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution

If you thought to hide this attribution, then you must need to know something first. That means, you need to have knowledge how to fix this problem. You just do following method and successfully remove it now.

Method #1

  1. In blogger templates > Edit HTML & find body { using Ctrl+F
  2. If you find this one, just paste before/above #Attribution1{display: none;}
  3. Finally Save template and you're done your job correctly
  4. Now the attribution will never shown in your blog

Method #2

Step 1: Login your Blogger dashboard > go to your blog templates option > Edit HTML & Follow 2nd step.

Step 2: Now you will see Jump to widget & click here. You will see Attibution1 & click this. You can follow this image:
Step 3: Now you will get this code: <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked=' true' title='' type=‘Attribution'>

Step 4: Now change True to False or follow this: <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked=' false' title='' type=‘Attribution'>

Step 5: You are finished your work. Now Save the template & go to Layout > select the Attribution > Remove

Now you have successfully deleted/remove footer credit from blogger (blogspot) free templates. If you have any question, then just put your comment or contact us. If you follow these step by step tips, then you doesn't face any problem. Both of them are excellent to remove powered by Blogger attribution from Blogspot. Make your blog credit free and make your brand today.